An Unplanned Trip

“This is so not how this trip was supposed to go!” my friend exclaimed as we walked away from the ticket counter. “How can we really be stuck here? What are we supposed to do now?”

It was kind of a frustrating predicament. Engine problems on the airplane meant an emergency landing in Singapore and it was going to be at least 24 hours before they could get us on a flight home.

“Sight-seeing,” I replied after a moment as we walked.

“What?” I went on after catching the look on her face. “When are we ever going to be here again? Might as well make the best of it.”

“And where are we going to sleep tonight?” she asked sarcastically. “In the airport?”

I rolled my eyes. “Give me a break. There are a ton of Singapore hotels; we’ll find a good one and crash.”
She looked thoughtful. “Fine,” she finally said after some consideration. “As long as we find one with room service.”

“Done,” I replied with a smile. “There’s nothing like an impromptu vacation to add a little adventure to life!”

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My Wonderful Night

The night started off like any other. My friends and I were planning to get together after work and hit a few bars. Nothing we had not done any other Friday night. But this Friday night did not end like the others.

We walked into the club and I immediately saw a cute guy sitting there alone at the bar. I decided to try to impress him, so I hopped onto the stool right beside of him. I did not realize that the bar stools had wheels on them. That became obvious very quickly, though.

After I got done picking him and myself up out of the floor, we laughed and exchanged information. I guess it does pay to be yourself. Even if you are clumsy and uncoordinated. It sure worked for me this time.

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Relieved of Stress and Feeling Good

Once and for all you can get rid of all the stress from you life and feel good. Aches, pains, tension…all relieved. What could it be that could do such a thing? Well, if you are hoping for a miracle than this is nothing to far from such. Just don’t believe that you can snap your fingers and all will be right. You actually have to be proactive and work towards a stress free life.

Yoga, exercise, healthy eating and change of jobs are all very helpful. However, the best thing you can do is get yourself a thai massage Sheffield. This wonderfully simple technique or relaxing is the perfect way to relieve stress and feel good once again. Don’t hesitate as this is your best bet and quite close to a miracle as you will ever see. Perhaps it’s because of all muscles in the body being completely relaxed. Who cares because it works.

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The Enchanting Garden

I’m planning an enchanting garden, yes indeed. This garden will be like no other you have laid eyes on before because this garden will be living walls inside my house. Come, let me show you my plans you won’t be disappointed. You see that over there how blank it is? That my dear friend will be the garden of my dreams. There will be colors galore that will pop out and scream with delight when you enter this wonderful room and everyone will be enchanted as I have been with my plans of the garden! The fragrance that will fill this room is going to be so delightful and so wonderful that everyone will want to visit the garden over and over again! I can’t wait to get started on such an enchanting dream!

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When my grandfather got old

I was saddened when my grandfather had to start using incontinence pads, but I knew it was necessary. He had started to have accidents in his trousers because he could not get to the bathroom fast enough. He had the ability to hold it, but he couldn’t walk to the bathroom in a fast enough pace. This is the reason my family decided to get him nappies. He still goes to the bathroom on the toilet, he just uses them as protection. This is the best way for us not to have to clean up urine soaked clothes but still give him independence. He has been getting sicker and sicker lately, and we will definitely miss him when he passes away from his sickness. You should put nappies on your elderly loved one, if they need it.

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Vacation Deadline

I failed to see the new overly hyped science fiction movie “Sharknado” when it debuted earlier this month. Despite not seeing the film it was pretty clear to see what the story was about. A group of man eating killer sharks were sucked up into a tornado and cut a patch across the United States eventually being conquered by Tara Reid and the guy from Beverly Hills 90201.

I’m fairly certain that I’ll never live to see a sharknado but I do believe that I can feel the pain suffered by the victims of those silent killers when I suffered “computer crashnado” just before leaving for vacation. With a checklist a mile long to do list and non refundable airfare looming over my internal clock I received the “Blue screen of death”. Work needed to be done a final PowerPoint presentation needing editing and I needed to call the NCR books rep.

Thank goodness for a support group and my IT guy. The geek squad has nothing on Aaron the helpdesk dude. I don’t think homeboy has any idea of how much stress he saved me with four mouse clicks and a diagnostic screening. Vegas was waiting and Aaron doesn’t know it yet but there will be a souvenir shot glass with this name all over it.

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More For Less

We were in the process of building our new company. I thought it would be nice to find a building that would be big enough to grow into. My investors told me, I should start at a smaller office, and work my way into a larger building as my team grew. I knew this would be very, soon since I had a plan to grow 90% in the first year. I found an empty mid-rise building. It looked a little run down, but the structure stood strong and it was promising. I had my architect do a walk through of the building to verify this.

I spent less than half for it, than my original plan to spend on the building. Me and my team spent the next three months renovating it in to perfection. We even, threw in a lounge for our customers to eat and relax in while waiting for consultation. The groundworks was amazing, we won a local award.

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